Fresh SPA by Natura Siberica in Courchevel

Fresh SPA by Natura Siberica in Courchevel

Now the fans of mountain skis who have arrived to Courchevel can combine conquest of snow slopes with a Spa procedures according to ancient Siberian recipes. Everything what is necessary is to live in La Datcha chalet where the private Spa center FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica has been opened.

La Datcha is the chamber chalet arranged as a country house. Available for a few families or one big company, located at the height of 1,850 meters, the chalet has five bedrooms with panoramic windows and an Exclusive FRESH SPA by Natura Siberica where the guests of La Datcha can have a rest after skiing.
Having stopped in La Datcha, you can enjoy the massage with cedar oil or treat yourself with a Siberian SPA procuderes.

Specialists of Natura Siberica have developed exclusive treatments for La Datcha such as "Snow Leo", "Volcanoes of Kamchatka", "The Kamchatka snow" and “Alladelle”.

La Datcha chalet is the new project of Oleg Tinkov. He is a Siberian by origin therefore he has decided that the Spa center will be opened only in collaboration with Natura Siberica.

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